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What if it were true that God has been very active in your life, intervening on your behalf, blessing you, and speaking to you, but you either didnt hear it or couldnt remember it?

For the majority of you this is true. You need to be freed from something you didnt even know had you captive.The book, God Im Busy, will show you that while youre capable of hearing and remembering your interactions with God, our busy, distracted, multi-tasking culture is usually preventing you from doing so.God Im Busy, will free you from your “busyness” and distractions and show you how to live a more focused life, a more fulfilling life, a life full of Gods awesome faithfulness.

You can be busy without being caught in busyness.Alan Bias not only gives you the keys to a richer life full of meaning but he gives you practical suggestions on how to record your journey along the way. Learn how chronicling will succeed where journaling failed.

Alan knows that while a financial inheritance will be a huge blessing for your children, it will pale in comparison to your stories of victories and life lessons along the way.Get free, get focused, be successful and learn how to chronicle your success stories along your journey.Your stories matter because you matter.You will be encouraged and inspired as you read this incredible message of Gods faithfulness.

As I read this book, I was reminded how important it is to celebrate the faithfulness of God in our lives and to communicate it to our children, grandchildren, and others we influence.

Alan shares his story of how, in a few simple steps, he learned how to pause the “busyness” of life and record divine moments that will encourage future generations. I believe these tools are strategic and important for today.

I recommend all believers read his story and begin handing down a legacy of the faithfulness of God in their lives.- Terry MooreFounder and Senior Leader, Sojourn Church, Carrollton, Texas


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